Business Intelligence

Geographic Information Systems

We offer a wide range of GIS services including map making, GIS implementation, and interactive or PDF web map creation. We can also help you apply for an ESRI Non-Profit Organization subscription, configure a GIS website and train your staff in the use of ArcGIS Online as well as provide technical maintenance and spatial analysis consultation.

Data Analysis

We have extensive experience with analyzing data using SQL Reporting, Access, Excel and custom VB written routines. When appropriate we can integrate your data into a data warehouse reporting environment to maximize your data analysis and reporting investment.

Business Process Mapping

Our team has extensive experience in leading and facilitating the mapping of processes used by a wide variety of organizations. Our focus is on finding a solution that fully integrates into your business and is sustainable for years after implementation.

Database Development

Our experience with SQL Server, Access, Filemaker, and other platforms not only allows us to design custom solutions, but troubleshoot and integrate your current databases.

SSRS Reports

We have extensive experience in writing and enhancing SSRS reports. Many applications utilize SQL Server as their database, but their reports are often generic and not truly customized to an organization’s needs. We can ether modify the exiting reports or write a suite of custom reports to enhance your application reporting.

SQL Queries

BTC has an extensive library of SQL routines and SQL based applications on which to draw from. Our expert developers can help you optimize existing queries or replace them with quick and more robust queries.

Power Pivot

Excel’s Power Pivot toolset has been extensively utilized for automating dashboards and reporting. Together with BTC data warehouse methodology we can make up to date dashboards and reports available through the Excel spreadsheet format.


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