Food Bank Products & Services

Ceres Alerts

Ceres Data Alerts monitor your Ceres database for incomplete or miscoded entries that Ceres alone doesn’t catch. It then e-mails a targeted group of users a notification about the error and how to resolve it.

Data Migration

Including migrations to and from SQL Server, Access, Excel, Filemaker, DonorQuest, SalesForce, Blackbaud CRM and other proprietary databases. We have experience designing and assisting with the data cleanup and vetting process to ensure that your new system runs efficiently with clean and current data.

Ceres Data Warehouse

Quantification and collection of meal, volunteer, and food drive data in a data warehouse that aids in creating custom views and reports to answer all of your business questions. Utilize PowerPivot and Power BI to illustrate trends that are driving your food bank month by month and year by year.


We offer a wide range of GIS services including map making, GIS implementation, and interactive or PDF web map creation. We can also help you apply for an ESRI Non-Profit Organization subscription, configure a GIS website and train your staff in the use of ArcGIS Online as well as provide technical maintenance and spatial analysis consultation.


Ceres Upgrade

Including assistance with data export and clean-up, as well as coordination with your team to make design decisions. Our extensive scripting tools, business process mapping, testing plans, use case development, Q&A, and project management experience can make your next migration as painless as possible.

Virtual Food Drive

Our unique Virtual Food Drive platform lets donors buy virtual baskets of food and donate them to a food bank. It is a proven system with over $1.6 million donations. It also provides a great platform for educating donors on the buying power of the food banks. Increase your donations with a fun and educational Virtual Food Drive of your own!


Agency Services

Our Appointment Administrator application allows agencies to schedule shopping appointments with local food banks. It features full integration with Ceres and Agencies Online, printed reports, and a touch screen-compatible interface.

Visitor Sign In

Check out our exciting Badger software offering with our partner Foxfeather Software.


Volunteer Sign In

Our Volunteer sign-in database features an intuitive registration system for volunteers, as well as powerful reporting and tracking tools, integration with EventBrite and Badger, and customizable reports.


Agencies Online

An online portal for member agencies, which allows them to track their shopping history, account status, and generate required government reports. Integrates with Appointment Administrator to allow online scheduling.


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