Technical Support Services

Strategic Planning

We provide infrastructure and cost control, security and risk management, communications and productivity support, and strategic investment recommendations that are tied to your business objectives.


Windows desktop support

We provide support for installation, configuration, and day-to-day use of Windows desktop operating systems. 


Windows network support

We provide design, installation, configuration, and maintenance of Windows server systems and products, including Exchange Server and SQL Server. 


General network support

We provide design, installation, and basic configuration of local and wide-area networks, including routers, switches, and hubs. 


Hardware support

We provide warranties and purchasing support to enable you to standardize your computers and their peripherals, including services for enterprise-class Dell PCs and HP printers.  


Office productivity software

We provide installation and training for Microsoft Office and Office 365 products, including Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Sway, One Drive, SharePoint, and Planner.


Windows Azure services

We provide configuration and deployment of cloud-based infrastructure and services from Microsoft, including Exchange, SQL, Office 365, and Azure virtual machines and websites.  


Local Application support

We provide support and maintenance for your existing custom applications and databases including those that are based in FileMaker, Salesforce, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server. 


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We provide spatial databases, maps, story maps and models using ESRI’s ArcGIS products, including our own GIS starter pack to get you up to speed.


Phone System (PBX) support

We provide installation, configuration, and advanced programming for Avaya IP Office phone systems. 



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